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Voice analysis, vocal technique and vocal training

The exclusive  offer from the opera singer Eva Lindqvist.

Eva Lindqvist’s vocal training as well as master classes have an excellent international reputation. She instructs young talents in her exclusive Vienna Voice & Opera Studio and prepares them for the requirements demanded for international opera and concert performances. Already established opera and concert singers can also keep their vocal muscles in shape in the Vienna Voice & Opera Studio or can come to an intensive course for new opera roles. You can find Eva Lindqvist’s offers for vocal training and coaching in the overview. Eva Lindqvist is of course also available for individual requests regarding all areas of vocal technique, voice analysis and vocal coaching.

» Master classes for classical singing

7/25/2011-7/29/2011 Subject: Putting the finishing touch on 4 arias for auditioning
This intensive course offers the best possible preparation for auditions and entrance exams. By working on unanswered questions regarding vocal technique (vocal fold dysfunction, positioning of the tongue, imbalanced vocal technique, diaphragm weakness…), more intense musical focus on the arias for auditioning and the opportunity of testing what has been prepared in the course in a studio concert, which is recorded on video, the singers are professionally and perfectly prepared for the challenges of an audition or an entrance exam to a University of Music and Performing Arts.
Your investment: 400 Euros. You can sign up at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Professional vocal education (stage professions)

In line with master classes and studio work, the Vienna Voice & Opera Studio and opera singer Eva Lindqvist offer the opportunity of obtaining a sound basis for working as a classical singer (opera singer, concert singer). Sound work on vocal technique, which focuses on the singer’s unique individual needs for opera, operetta or classical concert singing, repertoire work and the continuous advancement of the growth to a "mature singer personality" form the basis of this process. To start off, a precise voice analysis is conducted and afterwards, together breathing and vocal technique, interpretation and performance are improved one after the other.
Requests and registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Preparation for auditions / entrance exams

Professional preparation for singing auditions / entrance exams. Specific preparation of the audition repertoire and suggestions for improving vocal technique.
Preparation for international singing competitions.
Requests and registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Remedies for impairments of the singing voice (dysodia/dysphonia)

Loss of the singing voice over a longer period of time is fatal for any professional singer and can be due to many reasons.
Eva Lindqvist analyzes your singing voice and compiles a specific program for further vocal training. The goal is to remedy the impairment of the singing voice (dysodia/dysphonia), to reverse the loss of voice and to bring the vocal system back to top form for the requirements of stage professions. Download the article "Remedies for impairments of the singing voice" as PDF onto your computer here.
Requests and registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Audition preparation

You have an audition for an agency for singers, an opera house or would like to bring your voice and your overall performance to perfection? Then you are exactly where you should be at Eva Lindqvist’s and her Vienna Voice & Opera Studio. During a short intensive course, you practice your performance in front of an audience and in the setting of a real audition, bring your vocal technique to perfection again and learn effective methods of handling and dealing with stress during auditions. The next open class for audition training will take place on 24.09.2011. 

Where: Klaviergalerie Wendl und Lung, 1070 Vienna, Kaiserstraße 10
When: 10:00 am – 12:00pm
Program: Audition training incl. accompaniment, analysis and suggestions for improvement
Your investment: 30 minutes (incl. accompaniment) 60 Euros. Registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Recording supervision for demo tapes (video and audio)

A professional supervision of film or sound studio recordings saves a lot of time, money and energy. After all, the demo tape is intended to convince worldwide production companies and agencies. The professional, technical preparation of your own singing voice also belongs to the perfect presentation of yourself as a singer. Start your singing career with a respectable recording in a studio. You can find the results of some of these demo recordings under the recording supervision of Eva Lindqvist here.
Requests and registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Career coaching for singers

Upon completion of their education young singers, in particular (in the field of opera, operetta or concert singing), are often confronted with the question of how they can begin their professional singing career and how to make themselves known in, what is for them, still unknown "music business". and In order to get closer to the goal of performing in international opera and concert productions, an incredible amount of time (and money) has to be invested in the beginning of the career. Often, the efforts of the young singers are put into actions, which quickly turn out to be completely useless for their professional advancement. Eva Lindqvist uses her experience with agencies, opera houses, conductors and directors acquired during her time as an active opera singer, in order to create an individual "travel itinerary" geared towards starting your singing career.

Career coaching for singers in the Lindqvist Vocal Studio offers singers the opportunity of having a specifically and individually geared "travel itinerary" through the jungle of the music business tailor made for them. This includes all services, which are relevant for this purpose, such as voice analysis, analysis of the overall vocal performance, video coaching, audition training and film and sound studio recordings for demo tapes.
  • Voice analysis – analysis of the vocal capabilities
  • Personality analysis – analysis of the appearance during an audition
  • Market knowledge – precise counseling on the field and roles which should be offered
  • Personal coaching – drafting a "game plan" for auditions:
  • Agencies – which agencies should be contacted? (Not every agency is suitable for every singer…)
  • Auditions – which audition offers should be accepted? (singers often drive to an audition for a role that doesn’t suit their profile at all, just because it was suggested by the agency …)
  • Professional engagements – what consulting options are available for legal matters (contracts, etc.)
  • Career coaching – "Audition training" in a sheltered setting (including video and sound recordings, which are precisely analyzed)
Requests and registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Audition preparation and coaching

Furthermore, Eva Lindqvist offers young singers "audition preparation". This coaching intensively prepares for the extreme pressure at auditions and in opera and concert productions.
There is also the possibility of collaborating with experienced coaches in the fields of directing, acting, repertoire and styling, who are closely associated with successful "marketing" in operas, operettas, musicals and recording studios.
Requests and registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Studio concerts and video teaching

Training in the vocal master classes and general voice training are expanded through numerous studio concerts, where skills acquired during vocal training can be put into practice right away. The auditions and concerts are taped and analyzed together (demo tape, video). The singer thus, step by step, approaches the goal of an "optimal vocal performance" for his or her career in singing.
Requests and registration at: eva.lindqvist@web.de

» Internet voice analysis

Voice analysis via the Internet / Procedure: Contact Eva Lindqvist at eva.lindqvist@web.de. Send your sound recording by mail or email. Within two weeks you will receive a detailed analysis of your singing voice, precise suggestions for vocal exercises for your vocal training and your vocal performance, as well as a precise training program for the future.

  • detailed analysis of the singing voice
  • identification of issues, which can be improved in the area of vocal technique
  • suggestions for the improvement of interpretation (stylistic and musical)
  • suggestion of vocal exercises, which support vocal and technical improvement and the compilation of a training program
Your investment: 220 Euros