Eva Lindqvist - Vocal & Operastudio Vienna

A systematic vocal education.

Classes and vocal technique with main focus on the self-development as a professional singer.

Eva Lindqvist organizes her vocal training and further vocal education in the Vienna Voice & Opera Studio according to the principles of the "Swedish-Italian School", which was developed by Alan Lindquest, a student of Manuel Garcia, Inge Börg-Iséne (a teacher of Kirsten Flagstad) and Joseph Hislop (the first teacher of Jussi Björling).

Classes in the Vienna Voice & Opera Studio according to the Swedish-Italian School

The teaching philosophy regarding voice analysis, voice production and training for the career of a professional singer can be summarized as follows:
Behind the work with a singer is no single "method", rather, MUST primarily be through access to every single individual, every unique singer personality and the unmistakable color of the voice associated with it. Each "singer's soul" has its own history, particular problems and (…) very special qualities, which characterize it. By means of a prompt and very precise analysis of the voice and the voice technique at the beginning of our collaboration, I get a clear picture. Now, I can develop a "vision" of the singer / his or her voice and performance in a condition "cleansed" of technical unevenness and obstructive concepts. Step by step, we work out the missing pieces of the puzzle and assemble them within the overall system. All this takes place in a very nurturing environment and setting. This enables the singer to develop the necessary security needed to survive in the "shark tank" of the classical singing business successfully and in good vocal health.

Best vocal school and the best master class

When asked about her personal motto in teaching young singers, Eva Lindqvist answers:
The best vocal school and the best master class can't achieve anything if, apart from working on the vocal technique, main focus is not placed on the joy of "self-expression" and on the singer's own, very individual vocal qualities. It is extremely important to me to create such an atmosphere for the singers in my Vocal Studio in Vienna, which makes it easy for them to dedicate themselves to the further development of their voices and their performance skills with the greatest possible freedom and pleasure.