Eva Lindqvist - Vocal & Operastudio Vienna

Your voice has character.

Professional vocal training intensifies your expression!

World class singing

A good voice should have a good sound. Your voice requires professional training in order to become world class – e.g. by means of voice analysis and subsequent vocal training. It is a great pleasure for Eva Lindqvist to impart all the knowledge she has in regard to voice production, vocal techniques, opera-operetta and classical song singing and any form of professional auditioning. Her lessons are elite voice training in the Vienna Vocal & Opera Studio. 

Voice analysis and vocal instruction

Young singers gain detailed insight into the wide range of opera singing through their education at the Vienna Voice & Opera Studio. Eva Lindqvist’s Voice & Opera Studio is well-known far beyond the borders of Vienna. Many young talents have attended agency auditions, auditions on international stages and to international singing competitions after completing her highly specialized courses and master classes.

See for yourself – and take the lead with professional voice training and a vocal education at Eva Lindqvist’s Vienna Voice & Opera Studio.